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what we do best, and how we go about it

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we offer many great ways to help all types of businesses. Come and find the design solution that is right for you and your company.

Here you can find a brief list of the different types of services we offer clients, why they are important to any business and how the process works, if your not sure what solution would be the best for you and your business then you can always send us a message and we will be happy to get back to you.

helping to get your brand noticed


For new businesses and existing ones, having a strong, professional, recognizable brand is an invaluable tool for gaining customer trust as well as helping to leave a positive lasting impression on potential clients.

  • Logo Design

    What better way to make your company stand out than to have a smart, sophisticated logo, its how clients will identify your brand. A new design or an update to an existing logo, we can help make your brand memorable and iconic.

  • Company Brand Guidelines

    Having a set of rules for your companies branding can help define any service, consistency is important to convey a professional approach to business, this includes company colours, related imagery, typography and icons that can all help to visually explain what the business is about.

design for the digital dimension

Digital Services

Digital design encompasses any solution that's main purpose is to be viewed on a screen rather than as a physical product. You don't have to understand the technical side to appreciate just how integral digital devices such as smart phones and desktop computers are to most peoples day to day living and working. It's no surprise that the digital design services that we offer are our most sought after.

  • Responsive Website Design + Build

    Your website is your companies 24 hour shop front, it gives you the ability to be seen by anyone, anywhere around the world. It is important to have a professional one that offers a positive user experience, no matter what size device it is being viewed on. All of our websites are hand crafted and coded from the ground up so that they will not only work, but will adapt to the screen size they are being viewed on so that no important information is lost, and users don't get frustrated by badly structured pages.

  • CMS Integration

    Having a Content Management System is a great way for users to update the content on their websites without needing a background in coding or having a dedicated website admin, we can either build your new site directly into a CMS or help rewrite and move your existing site over to a more user friendly CMS setup.

  • Email Designs + Signatures

    Want to make sure your digital newsletter stands out? Or are you after a professional looking email signature so your contacts know just who they are dealing with? We can help your emails stand out from the ever crowded inbox.

  • Digital Marketing

    Getting noticed online can be hard, this is why we offer digital marketing to help clients promote themselves and stand out amongst the competition. Using professionally created bespoke banner adverts to grab new or recently visited users attention can really help your website gain traction or recover from a quiet patch of visitor traffic

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Having a great, modern website is all well and good for showing your existing customers, but if you want new clients to find you then we can help get you to the front page of Google for search results that actually matter.

  • Digital Illustration

    Imagery can be a very important way of gaining or maintaining a users interest, this is why we offer illustration as one of our services, if you don't have or can't find the right imagery for your company or want something unique that no one else has, then sometimes it is better to create it instead. Company mascot's to info-graphs or custom icons, using our knowledge and creativity we can create eye catching full vector based imagery that will scale to any size without losing quality or becoming blurred.

  • Photo Editing and Enhancements

    Sometimes an image just needs a bit of a boost! or an unfortunate little piece of it removed from the shot, maybe you have some promotional photography that just needs to look a bit more "cinematic", whatever the image issue is, we can probably Photoshop it right for you.

physical promotional material

Print Based Design

Never underestimate the power of the business card, just because a large part of design is now digital based, doesn't mean that the original techniques aren't still important, printed promotional material is still a great way advertise and leave a physical reminder of your company or service. We offer high end print based bespoke designs that come imposed and ready to print straight from a digital or lithographic printer.

  • Business Cards

    An invaluable, some might say essential tool for networking and keeping your companies details fresh in peoples minds and in their card holders! Having a strong business card design can make you stand out and make people want to get in touch.

  • Corporate Stationery

    Having a consistent set of branded stationery can really help with the professional and organized look of your company, this includes office supplies such as letterheads, compliment slips and invoices.

  • Promotional Print Designs

    This covers any print based media that can be used to promote your brand or service, leaflet designs, brochures, banner adverts, promotional stands, the list goes on.

Below is a step by step guide explaining the different stages of a project, and hopefully help make it easier to understand how we go about things, and why each step is important for getting the best possible result for both you and us.

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