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Plymouth Public Notary

A minimal, contemporary redesign for a small Notary service that were after a modern website design that would work on all devices and offer a quick and easy way for potential clients to find out more about the services offered and how to get in touch

Style Guide

The main intention of the website redesign was to create a smart, professional feel, while keeping the personal side of the company there as to not make the site look too formal and just business orientated

  • Georgia Regular

Logo Variations

We wanted the logo to be in line with the rest of the re-branding, going for a simple yet professional look, keeping imagery and colour variation down we were able to create something smart and stylish while still conveying an authoritative feel

A Notary For All Devices

An important part of the brief was to make the website responsive, letting anyone access the sites information at anytime, no matter what device they were using, and to have the content adapt accordingly to smaller and larger screen sizes.

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