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Clothing Brand

A reimagining of a previous project for a UK based clothing brand that works with charities to protect endangered species and raise awerness about enviromental issues. Creating the companies logo and initial illustrative designs to help provide a strong brand identity with the right tone and style for their target audience.

Style Guide

Earthy colours help to get across the natural and outdoors orientated style of the company while the chunky hand written font used for titles and the thin but still blocky body text give a good contrast to each other while maintaining a unisex feel to the brand.

  • Norwester Font
  • Jura Light Font

Logo Variations

As the logo was intended to be used not only for digital promotion but also be able to easily be reproduced onto any of the companies products we wanted to keep the design simple so that it could be used for screen printing in single colour as well as still be recognizable from a distance or if shrunk down.

Clothes For People, A Future For Animals

Tropic Clothes Labels

Using some of the vector designs we created for the Tropic branding as well as the illustrations of the endangered species featured on some of the clothing labels; we created some additional designs that could be used for screen printing as well as vinyl transfers.

Once we had created additional imagery that could be used for the clothing designs we photo-manipulated the new designs so that they could be superimposed over model photography to create the illusion of a photo shoot using the companies designs to be used as a proof of concept

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